T2H2O Particpates in Sustain SoCal Water 4 Event

T2H2O ’s executive team recently took part in the 4th annual Sustain SoCal WATER SOLUTIONS 4 (WS4)—the organization’s fourth annual event focused on exploring strategies and innovations that will help meet the increasing challenges of procuring, processing, storing and delivering water in Southern California and the surrounding regions.

Sustain SoCal’s WS4 also hosted a team participating in the 2019 California Water Data Challenge Datathon. Co-located at the WS4 conference, updates regarding applications were developed in real-time during the Datathon and provided throughout the conference. OC’s own T2H20 spoke at the Innovators Showcase and talked about its forthcoming AI-based tools for water heroes worldwide—helping to protect and enrich communities, achieve higher efficiencies in water purchasing, storage, and distribution – all by using advanced technologies.

“T2H2O believes in water heroes and their critically important work to manage our most precious natural resource,” said Dan Hamon, president of T2H20. “And T2H2O plans to arm them with the very best tools possible to do the job better than ever before possible.”

Irvine-based T2H2O is now among the top 30 teams from around the world moving forward in the $5M IBM Watson AI X-PRIZE competition, which was a four-year endeavor that originally started with more than 150 international teams. Recently, local software developer Perfect Art has added their outstanding AI/ML and data management expertise to the T2H2O team.

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