Team Designing New AI Software Tools to Help Water Districts Effectively Manage Water Resources More Effectively Makes Third Cut in Global Competition

IRVINE, Calif. (Dec 04, 2018) — OC-based T2H2O was among the top 30 teams from around the world moving forward in the $5M IBM Watson AI XPRIZE competition. The four-year international competition aims to demonstrate how humans can collaborate with powerful artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges.

The advancing teams hail from Australia, Canada, France, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States, and were chosen from a field of 62 teams by an independent panel of expert judges. Each team was selected based on the standards they set in their plans, as well as the performance and scalability of their AI application, with the heaviest weight placed on the potential to achieve exponential impact.

T2H2O, which entered the competition in 2016, has made it through three rounds of cuts from a field which initially included more than 10,000 entries. The Irvine-based team is the only remaining group from Orange County, a growing hub for startups and tech companies.

“T2H2O has made substantial progress in leveraging AI principles and core technologies to create predictive tools leading to more effective water management and better policy decision-making at the village, region, country and global levels,” said T2H2O’s Dan Hamon. “We are thrilled and honored to advance in the competition and look forward to what comes next.”

T2H2O is also working with several partners including, The American Association of Water Distribution and Management, Allied Public Risk, Lake Hemet Municipal Water District, Plus Water Insurance Program, California Domestic Water Company and the San Antonio Water Company.

“This competition has made it evident that the teams’ efforts to apply AI for Good not only started the trend, but created a global movement,” said Amir Banifatemi, General Manager for Innovation and Growth at XPRIZE. “We’re proud to see humans rallying together to build responsible and useful AI that will solve some of the grandest challenges of our time.”

The IBM Watson AI XPRIZE competition will culminate with three finalists participating in the Grand Prize competition on the TED2020 stage in front of a live in-person and online audience. A $3 million Grand Prize, $1 million Second Place prize, and $500k Third Place prize will be awarded to the teams that receive the top scores, with the final winner determined by results from audience voting during TED2020. For more information, visit ai.xprize.org.

About T2H2O
T2H2O is passionate about creating AI-based tools for water heroes around the world who want to protect and enrich their communities using advanced technologies to achieve higher efficiencies in water purchasing, storage, and distribution. For more information, please visit www.t2h2o.com

XPRIZE, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is the global leader in designing and implementing innovative competition models to solve the world’s grandest challenges. Active competitions include the Lunar XPRIZE, the $20M NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE, the $15M Global Learning XPRIZE, the $10M ANA Avatar XPRIZE, the $7M Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE, the $7M Barbara Bush Foundation Adult Literacy XPRIZE, and the $5M IBM Watson AI XPRIZE. For more information, visit www.xprize.org.

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